Examples have been found from the Roman era, and it was also used by the Etruscans. Mano means “hand” and fico or figa means “fig,” with the idiomatic slang connotation of a woman’s genitals. An English slang equivalent might as well be “vagina hand. The asclepius wand, or asclepius rod is is an ancient Greek symbol associated with astrology and with healing the sick through medicine. The rod of Asclepius symbolizes the healing arts by combining the serpent, which in shedding its skin is a symbol of rebirth and fertility, with the staff, a symbol of authority befitting the god of Medicine. The snake wrapped around the staff is widely claimed to be a species of rat snake, Elaphe longissima, also known as the Aesculapian or Asclepian snake. It is native to southeastern Europe, Asia Minor, and some central European spa regions, apparently brought there by Romans for their healing properties. The Solar Cross or Sun Cross features a circle around a cross, the solar cross has many variations including the one on this page.

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Der Polyp erzeugt auf ungeschlechtlichem Wege, z. Das frei schwimmende Quallen-Stadium ist also nur ein Teil des komplexen Lebenszyklus der entsprechenden Art. Die Anthozoa besitzen nie ein Quallenstadium. Auch bei den genannten Klassen ist der Generationswechsel bei vielen Arten abgewandelt, bei einigen Arten ist dabei eines der Stadien Qualle oder Polyp verloren gegangen.

After defeating Medusa, it is implied that Spirit shows no form of regret for defeating someone he had formerly been lightly attracted to, as Medusa is the only person that Spirit has actually shown to hate.

Gumball and Penny had always had massive crushes on each other, but the two of them had always struggled to express their feelings, that is, until the events of the episode ” The Shell ,” when Gumball finally confessed his feelings for her and kissed her, and the two have been dating since then. She was part of The Treehouse Girls until it disbanded due to the tree being cut down by Tobias and Banana Joe and is currently on the school’s cheerleading team.

Like the rest of her family , she had a set of tan antlers that grow out of her head. In Season 3, the episode “The Shell” revealed that Penny underneath her shell is a shape-shifting, fairy-like creature. She can transform into any animal, and every time, the animal has a set of antlers. In her early concept, she did not have a visible mouth and her antlers were darker.

In Season 1, Penny had a straight, round shell similar to her father’s , with noticeable holes where her arms and antlers came out of.

Medusa (Siege Gun)

Once she’s foiled and the puppies escape, Cruella faces time in prison for her crimes Quote “Anita, darling! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t? You’ll be sorry, You fools! If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! She is a wealthy, fashion-obsessed heiress who wishes to use the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies for a fur coat.

Perhaps the most famous incarnation of the character was developed for Disney’s animated adaptation, One Hundred and One Dalmatians by story man Bill Peet and animator Marc Davis.

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Andrea Chambers May 06, Feisty and forthright in public, she has privately weathered four marriages, struggles with a retarded adopted daughter and, more recently, a mastectomy, stroke and broken hip. And she has always managed to come back and take on yet another role. But now, in her 78th year, comes a devastating jolt from an unexpected direction: Hyman, has written a memoir about her mother that is already being decried as a new Mommie Dearest.

At one point, while she was filming a TV movie, Murder With Mirrors, in England, the actress, according to her daughter, asked a doctor to call B. Around this time Bette also reportedly demanded of her daughter:

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Settle in for this one. I would really appreciate it if you keep my identity anonymous if you decide to publicly respond to my letter. I have been watching your videos for several months now and I really appreciate what you are doing to encourage black women to expand their dating options. I have always been a firm believer of that message since I was a little girl. You probably never encountered a person in my situation and I never shared this with anyone besides extremely close and trustworthy confidants.

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Medusa prefers smaller romantic gestures to be shared, and she expresses her love for you with new books or random kisses. Deeper into the relationship, she starts to tease you with random kisses because she ‘wants to see your reaction’ and finds it adorable.

It includes an interactive geometry editor, ray tracing support for graphics rendering and geometric analysis, computer network distributed framebuffer support, scripting, image-processing and signal-processing tools. The entire package is distributed in source code and binary form. Although BRL-CAD can be used for a variety of engineering and graphics applications, the package’s primary purpose continues to be the support of ballistic and electromagnetic analyses.

In keeping with the Unix philosophy of developing independent tools to perform single, specific tasks and then linking the tools together in a package, BRL-CAD is basically a collection of libraries, tools, and utilities that work together to create, raytrace, and interrogate geometry and manipulate files and data. Each library is designed for a specific purpose: The application side of BRL-CAD also offers a number of tools and utilities that are primarily concerned with geometric conversion, interrogation, image format conversion, and command-line-oriented image manipulation.

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Classes[ edit ] In the class Anthozoa , comprising the sea anemones and corals , the individual is always a polyp; in the class Hydrozoa , however, the individual may be either a polyp or a medusa, with most species undergoing a life cycle with both a polyp stage and a medusa stage. In class Scyphozoa , the medusa stage is dominant, and the polyp stage may or may not be present, depending on the family.

In those scyphozoans that have the larval planula metamorphose into a polyp, the polyp, also called a “scyphistoma,” grows until it develops a stack of plate-like medusae that pinch off and swim away in a process known as strobilation. Once strobilation is complete, the polyp may die, or regenerate itself to repeat the process again later.

Medusa is a symbol for luxury and elegance. Every piece is hand-crafted in fine detail with the highest quality fabrics.

Toni Kino Adventures by Andyarts Everyone, 16 pages oni Kino befriends a happy little dog, rescuing it from a grumpy old bearded guy who claims it’s getting into his dreams. Of course Toni isn’t having any of that nonsense and brings home the dog to his daughter. But pretty soon he starts to have strange encounters and weird things happening to him! This is a fun, humorous comic with more than a touch of the supernatural.

It’s a mystery supernatural story told with a lot of humour. The art is full colour and nicely stylised, it reminds me a little in Tintin. Andyarts is Finish so English is a second language, this means the syntax is sometimes a little unusual but quite beautiful and individual because of it. Each day the zombie gives an update on the status of an imminent zombie apocalypse or shows off new dance moves. It is a rather cute and amusingly unconventional comic with references to pop culture. The art has a crayon and pen sandbox feel even though it might all be created digitally.


Edit Spirit with Maka at a young age Maka is Spirit’s daughter, and he has an incredible love for her. However, she treats him very scornfully, due to Spirit’s actions on her mother and women in general. In the past, Maka, Spirit, and his wife were strongly suggested to be a steadily functional family, and Maka is shown to have showed a strong love for her father. In Maka’s early childhood, Spirit used to read many books to Maka, and to this day, Maka believes that her love for reading came from her father.

Medusa used to be very beautiful, until Athena caught her and Poseidon together in her temple. Athena then cursed her and she became very ugly with snakes as hai r.

As the first writings to mention the Gorgons, a knowledge of this initial conception will enable me to place their further development in later centuries into its proper context. I will also bring into my research the works of Aeschylus and Aristophanes as popular surviving literary texts that also display the notion of the Gorgons at the time. It is around this time that I will also begin to diverge my research from the Gorgons in general to focus on Medusa, as her popularity and solo presence within Greek writings grew.

As some of the earliest extant writings of Greek literature, it is notable that the Gorgons first appeared this early into the narrative of Greek mythology. It is within the Iliad that the Gorgon was placed on the aegis of Athena Fig. Dating from approximately BCE, the Odyssey also presented this singular Gorgon, accompanied by the same type of description, which is to say a creature that instills fear in those faced with her presence.

Pottery depicting Athena, ca. Though difficult to see, the head of the Gorgon is placed in the middle of her breastplate. Wikimedia Commons The image of the Gorgons as a trio of malevolent beings written by Homer would still be perpetuated throughout later centuries, however.

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Some myths claim she was one of three sisters born to Echidne who was half snake. Others say she was a beautiful woman whose parents were Ceto and Phorcys. The tales of Medusa include rumors of her being so stunning that many men courted her. Athena was offended by her beauty as she attracted the lust of the sea god named Poseidon.

In Greek mythology, Medusa (/ m ɪ ˈ dj uː z ə, -s ə /; Μέδουσα “guardian, protectress”) was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of en: Pegasus and Chrysaor.

Sources[ edit ] Five ancient sources contain all the recorded details of Pindar’s life. One of them is a short biography discovered in on an Egyptian papyrus dating from at least AD P. Commentaries on Pindar by Eustathius of Thessalonica ; Vita Vratislavensis, found in a manuscript at Breslau, author unknown; a text by Thomas Magister ; some meagre writings attributed to the lexicographer Suidas. Although these sources are based on a much older literary tradition, going as far back as Chamaeleon of Heraclea in the 4th century BC, they are generally viewed with scepticism today: The publication of Elroy Bundy’s ground-breaking work Studia Pindarica [12] led to a change in scholarly opinion—the Odes were no longer seen as expressions of Pindar’s personal thoughts and feelings, but rather as public statements “dedicated to the single purpose of eulogizing men and communities.

However, the pendulum of intellectual fashion has begun to change direction again, and cautious use of the poems for some biographical purposes is considered acceptable once more. His father’s name is variously given as Daiphantus, Pagondas or Scopelinus, and his mother’s name was Cleodice. Pindar was about twenty years old in BC when he was commissioned by the ruling family in Thessaly to compose his first victory ode Pythian He studied the art of lyric poetry in Athens, where his tutor was Lasos of Hermione , and he is also said to have received some helpful criticism from Corinna.

The early-to-middle years of Pindar’s career coincided with the Persian invasions of Greece in the reigns of Darius and Xerxes.


Her owner completed a west-about circumnavigation between and Koonawarra has undergone a 10 year ground-up rebuild. New Zealand Kauri pine planking. Tasmanian Celery Top Pine ribs. Perkins diesel auxiliary engine.

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