Back to all Zodiac Signs Capricorn Man Saturn, once associated with negativity, associates such energies with Capricorn, who is often said to hold a pessimistic attitude. It gives the Capricorn man the authoritarian edge and makes him best suited for work in authoritarian positions, government, business ownership, architectural development, education, administration, and even corporate management. Saturn is the ruling planet influencing Capricorn men. Though this is a planet formally associated with difficulties and strife, such troubles in life must be overcome. When this happens, one sees exceptionally rewarding gains in both luck and experience. He likes to take his time when it comes time for intimacy.

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Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. Princess of Lanling King’s Peng Guan Ying and Kristy Zhang posted by Anne J on November 28, Leave a comment This is literally just gossip that has been circling the rumor mill for a while and if you are still interested, then keep on reading.

Having had her start as a singer in a Chinese variety show called Super Girl in , Zhang’s showbiz career was the opposite of smooth-sailing due to problems with her previous management company though it makes her comeback all the more satisfying as the beautiful Princess Lanling.

Chinese Astrology is the divination of the future from the Chinese calendar, which is based on astronomy, and ancient Chinese philosophy. In particular, Chinese Astrology is based on the sexagenary cycle of 60 years that has been documented since the time of the Shang Dynasty at the latest.

Above photo shows modern Photo Courtesy this J-Site. The Chinese Zodiac is part of an elaborate and laborious system based on Chinese astrology, cosmology, and divination. Although replaced in modern times by the Gregorian solar calendar, the Zodiac is still used today unofficially as a popular method of divination in many Asian and Western nations. The Chinese Zodiac is the preeminent calendar of old-world Asia.

Its year sexagenary cycle is still of crucial importance to modern art historians, for it helps them pinpoint the date of artwork made in earlier times. Although the Chinese Zodiac is based on a year cycle, most folks only know about the year cycle associated with 12 Zodiac animals. The Chinese Zodiac differs in many crucial respects from the Western Zodiac, and the two should not be confused.

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Usually kind and sweet, Rabbit people are not only popular but also make a very interesting company. They are well known for their artistic sense and good taste. Rabbit people are also calm. They argue rarely and are sentimental and compassionate. Rabbits are well compatible with people born in years of Dragon!! Rabbits and Rats are not compatible though.

Among the Chinese Zodiac animals, Horse has the sixth position. Horse is regarded to be pliable. Some of the positive characteristics of the people born in the year of the Horse are wise, discreet, agile, attractive and full of sympathy.

Free Pisces man and Aries woman compatibility horoscope In accordance with his zodiac sign, Pisces man loves mystery and mysticism, he tries to create for himself an image of romance – a traveler whose soul is darkness, and who knows far more than he shows to others. Probably one day he will use this to attract an Aries woman. His magical indecision, combined with mysteriousness will as if charm the straight and strong Aries woman, she would want to look into his soul, understand him, and learn to have an easy attitude in life.

A union between Pisces man and Aries woman will be based on contrasts: Aries woman does not know how to maneuver. When she tries to achieve something, she goes right through, without using workarounds. They will spend some time trying to get used to being around each other, get around, and coordinate their various tactics in the relationship.

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They represent a cyclical concept of time, rather than the Western linear concept of time. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon, and is constructed in a different way than the Western solar calendar. In the Chinese calendar, the beginning of the year falls somewhere between late January and early February. The lunar year has twelve moons and each moon lasts for just over twenty-nine and a half days. In order to make the days in each moon full days, there are six ‘small’ months which have twenty-nine days each and six larger months which have thirty days each, making a total of days, eleven days short of the solar calendar.

Occasionally the length of the Chinese years changes and there may be either seven ‘small’ months a total of days , or sometimes seven ‘large’ months a total of days.

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Intelligent, adaptable, quick-witted, charming, artistic, sociable. Famous people from the Year of the Rat: Katy Perry , Eminem Year of the Ox Years: Loyal, reliable, thorough, strong, reasonable, steady, determined. Famous people from the Year of the Ox: Wayne Rooney , Barack Obama Year of the Tiger Years: Enthusiastic, courageous, ambitious, leadership, confidence, charismatic. Famous people from the Year of the Tiger:

What the rat told me : a legend of the Chinese zodiac

The prize would be awarded to only twelve of the animals. One animal would be assigned to each month in the year and would be selected according to how each placed in the race. The rat and cat were very close friends and agreed to start the race together the next morning. However, the rat didn’t wake his friend and sneaked off to the race without the cat.

Occupying the last position in 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, Pig is mild and a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth. Personality traits of the people born under the sign of the Pig are happy, easygoing, honest, trusting, educated, sincere and brave.

Early history[ edit ] Wheel of the zodiac: This 6th century mosaic pavement in a synagogue incorporates Greek-Byzantine elements, Beit Alpha , Israel. Zodiac circle with planets, c. Babylonian star catalogues and MUL. APIN The division of the ecliptic into the zodiacal signs originates in Babylonian ” Chaldean ” astronomy during the first half of the 1st millennium BC. The zodiac draws on stars in earlier Babylonian star catalogues, such as the MUL.

LUL “The Crayfish”, among others. Each sign contained thirty degrees of celestial longitude , thus creating the first known celestial coordinate system. The Sun actually passed through at least 13, not 12 Babylonian constellations.

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There are 0 comments permalink Like many others, my introduction to the Chinese Zodiac was somewhat prosaic and was while I was eating a meal. Looking down at my placemat I quickly found my own animal symbol and read through how I was expected to act when dealing with others. Perhaps quite surprisingly it was accurate, not so much in the personal traits as these are by definition fairly vague on a paper placemat, but rather in how each of the different animal signs were expected to interact.

Reading through these traits and comparing them against what I knew of my friends and family, I knew then that I had to understand this millennia old system quite a bit more. In this calendar, 12 different animals are assigned in sequence and dependent upon when a person is born, that animal influences their behavior and pattern of behavior in life. The ancient Chinese observed that each year followed a cycle of 12 full moons and that each day had 12 time periods Shi Chen.

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Astrology Advice Women born in the Year of the Rabbit , also called the Year of the Hare, are extremely fortunate individuals, with many salient characteristics: The Rabbit woman also tends to be somewhat of an enigma. On the outside, she may appear soft, gentle and even fragile, but underneath she has an incredible resolve and an iron will. Kind, diplomatic and empathetic, the Rabbit shows great compassion for others and is often engaged in causes.

The Rabbit woman thrives on harmony and wants to get along well with everyone she meets. Rabbits love people, and they have no problem with crowds. Rabbits love and appreciate beauty in any form and are always concerned with their own appearance, which comes naturally since most Rabbit women also have a strong sense of fashion and a knack for design and decorating. The Rabbit woman is almost always cultured and sophisticated, preferring classical good taste to flashiness and gaudiness.

A good way to describe the appearance of a Rabbit Woman is “understated elegance. These basic elements depend on the specific year you were born and influence your personality. Even though two people might both be Rabbits, their fundamental characteristics will vary if they were born in different years.

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Early history[ edit ] Wheel of the zodiac: This 6th century mosaic pavement in a synagogue incorporates Greek-Byzantine elements, Beit Alpha , Israel. Zodiac circle with planets, c. Babylonian star catalogues and MUL.

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The year is the Chi Hai year, which is the thirty-six cycle in the sixty-year cycle of the Chinese astrology’s heavenly stems and earth branches cycle. The Chi Hai year symbolizes inspiration, respect, honesty, freedom to express opinion and experiment with new ideas. Perceive the year as a Pig kingdom where it has absolute power but where it obligated to do its best for the good of others. In other words, the year of Pig is well-centered and dependable year, which is demand obedience as fate willed.

No matter whether you agree or not with the events around you the Pig year takes what is supposed belong to it. Find your yearly Horoscope for the Yellow Earth Pig year here: They represent a cyclical concept of time, rather than the Western linear concept of time. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon, and is constructed in a different way than the Western solar calendar.

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Personality of Pig The pig, closely related to us is thought to be clumsy, lazy and smelly. While, scientific research shows that they are clever and pretty clean. There are wild boars living in mountain forests that are thought to be ferocious. It is said that when a group of boars walk together, the leader will erect his tail to show him as the leader. It is the same as the people born in the year of the Pig. If they are supervisors in an organization, they always remember to show themselves as the leader and sometimes may act arbitrarily.

Welcome to The Chinese Zodiac is based on a year lunar cycle, and each year is represented by an animal. Ancient Chinese believed that each animal has an astral soulmate.

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Even today, millions of believers across the globe consult the Chinese Zodiac regularly. While Western Astrology is based upon the months of the year, Chinese Astrology is based upon a twelve year lunar cycle. Your sign is determined by the year in which you were born to be accurate you must use a Chinese calendar.

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The Chinese zodiac Dragon is the penultimate aristocrat, haughty, deliberate, and absolutely self-assured. He is the very image of class, and tends towards being tall, slender, and powerfully built. His attitude is displayed in his litheness. The Dragon sign is often likened to being a feline, absolutely calm and self-assured. His voice is deep and ringing, and his eyes carry a thoughtful and tender expression. But they also come with an underlying maliciousness for those who displease them.

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