It truly is one of the all-time classic bicycles from Holdsworth. In these cases examination of the frame number — where it is, what it is, and how it is, may be of some assistance at least in allowing other specialists to hazard a guess at the true origin of the frame or machine. Note that some number sequences contain a code —perhaps made up by having the year of manufacture as the initial or last numbers or indeed both! For simplicity this analysis stops at this point and refers you to the published sources or if you are a member of the Veteran-Cycle Club V-CC to the appropriate ME. Some builders stamped the numbers parallel to the edge of the BB, yet others are random when compared over the years. Most builders also stamped the frame number on the steerer tube of the front forks — but you may not wish to strip the machine down for this and in any case the forks may have been changed over the years.

The Mystique of Masi: From Vigorelli to Volumetrica

We have made an atlas of 94 subducted slabs and their geological record. Abstract Across the entire mantle we interpret 94 positive seismic wave-speed anomalies as subducted lithosphere and associate these slabs with their geological record. We document this as the Atlas of the Underworld, also accessible online at www. Deeper slabs are correlated to older geological records, assuming no relative horizontal motions between adjacent slabs following break-off, using knowledge of global plate circuits, but without assuming a mantle reference frame.

Anomously fast sinking of some slabs occurs in regions affected by long-term plume rising. We conclude that slab remnants eventually sink from the upper mantle to the core-mantle boundary.

Check out this link to [email protected]’s thread with graphs and links to a very comprehensive ongoing record of internet search for Holdsworth frames, numbers and comments by various authors re dating. I’ve seen a lot of this previously, as others probably have, but .

Zeus Note, this article was originally written in , and the pricing info has not been updated, so don’t take the price info as being up to date. Pricing If there is one notable feature to the vintage lightweight racing bicycle market it is the variability of prices. Often, that is the result of a lack of market information. If somebody were to call a few people who deal in vintage lightweights, or perhaps ask a VRBN subscriber, then they would have a reasonable amount of market knowledge.

Instead, many buyers and sellers enter the market only once – i. In such a circumstance, the price it is advertised at may be far below current market levels. Sometimes, though, they make the opposite mistake. If an older bike is well abused but the seller thinks it is a much better bike than it really is, then the price may be way too high.

Such a mistake is common with production bikes that were originally expensive but in reality were rather mediocre Prices also vary considerably even when buyers and sellers are well versed in the field. That is because the market is so thin. With relatively few buyers and sellers, a market transaction depends upon the perfect alignment of a perhaps reluctant seller and a cautious buyer. This is more pronounced when the item is more scarce.

When the dollars increase beyond that, the field of buyers decreases.

Humber Cycles

Additional Information Abstract This essay treats the friendship between Prince Hamlet and the poor scholar Horatio, both students at the University of Wittenberg, as emblematic of the uneasy interpenetration of nobility and the clerical culture of the universities in sixteenth-century England. It explores the transformation which rendered the English Universities socially heterogeneous places where intimate friendship could be forged across status boundaries, despite warnings that such contact could denature nobility.

The essay then considers the way in which Hamlet exposes the prince’s investment in university learning as a source of his ontological uncertainty, at the same time that it exploits the association between learning and nobility in order to cultivate an audience that prides itself on intellectual distinction. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

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The easiest way to date a Holdsworth, Claud or Grubb is to start with the frame can give a very good indication of when the frameset was made and sometimes much more. Knowing the year made narrows the field enormously when trying to ID the model.

Colchester Started new thread on this subject in the hope or identifying more numbers. With a lot of help from Doug CBguy on frame identification I have updated the numbering charts seen on the original thread. A summary of the various numbering systems used by Holdsworth is shown below with more details on Goggle Cloud. This is based on a growing number of frames found on line and information from other websites on the subject.

The following are the systems that these numbers seem to fall into. Post war 5 Digit numbers and the continuation of this from Early 60’s 4 Digit numbers Shop numbers from with 1st 2 digits for the year. Early 70’s 4 Digit series with leading zeros including branded frames. The predictions shown are based on the usage of Factory issued numbers and steady production of frames per year up to and frames per year from when the shop had its own system.

The Framework graphs show how this fits around known fixed points in production and frames with good dates or documents to back up their dates. There are issues with this mainly around shop frames and others that seem to have taken longer to progress through the factory. There are also a few that show up too early, for which I have no real explanation. I have show these on the graphs to indicate the level of accuracy that can be expected with this approach.

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The history of the Guerciotti brand started in when the brothers Italo and Paolo Guerciotti — at the time respectively road and cyclocross riders — opened a small workshop in the outskirts of Milan. As stated in one of their 80s catalogues, “Guerciotti builds bicycles that unify function and workmanship as never before. To the last detail, every Guerciotti caresses the eye and challenges the spirit, using the most advanced frame geometry and equipment technology available”.

This particular Guerciotti perfectly embodies their mission. The Columbus SL framset illustrates very precisely filled lugs with elegant cutouts and engravings which are clear indicators that this Guerciotti was a high-end model of its time.

Holdsworth. paid piece rate, a fixed sum depending on the model, for each frame made. You signed your. frame sheet, if it failed it’s inspection, or was returned within a year. Bill was by now their top builder.

Guy Richard Armitage is back, sending local women’s hearts all a-flutter, having somehow convinced Prince John that he isn’t to blame for the failure to capture Robin Hood Jonas Armstrong. Now he’s been given autonomy and a personal army of highly-trained soldiers to capture Hood’s men, before unleashing his “secret weapon” oo-er, misses. Deep in Sherwood, Robin helps a beautiful woman called Isabella Lara Pulver avoid Guy’s men, and she becomes embroiled in the dastardly villain’s scheme to carefully herd Robin’s men into a forest clearing, where his secret weapon is revealed to be Little John Gordon Kennedy , separated from the others after they temporarily split up, chances upon a travelling circus led by Bertha of Bath a bloated Denise Black , a fiery woman on her way to Nottingham with her troupe of gladiators and children.

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The script by Lisa Holdsworth Waterloo Road, New Tricks features a lot of running around, often apparently in search of a decent story. The Little John subplot felt undercooked in the extreme; so much so that when John forms another bond with a cute kid Walt, played nicely by James Buckley , the relationship is never one we really believe in, or care about. Denise Black tries her best as Bertha, but it’s a bland role in a story that feels like padding.

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The Science Museum Thomas’s own design of ” ordinary “, now commonly known as a “penny-farthing”, appeared in and not long after James Starley ‘s metal ordinary. His first price-list contained a testimonial by Fred Cooper , a racing cyclist. Another racing contact was Thomas Marriott.

Frame identification by frame number Author Alvin Smith Possible identification of bicycle frames using only frame numbers – initial guidance Sometimes bicycles or frames are found with no makers’ transfers or badges on them –and occasionally with badges/transfers that are not correct!

Here’s where you sign up for our industry famous newsletter. Dropout and Hanger Greg Kopecky Wed Jan 30 Strap yourself in for the most exciting discussion since high school algebra class. Introducing the fabled — the famed… Dropout and Derailleur Hanger Slideshow For those not up-to-speed on their bicycle glossary of terms, dropouts are the two small notches in the rear of your bike in which the rear hub rests.

The derailleur hanger is a simple tab — an extension of the right dropout, if you will. This tab has a hole which your rear derailleur threads in to. The photo below shows a very simple and typical set of dropouts, from my Habanero titanium frame:


Alternatively, the complete list — including conference papers — is listed below. Until July I also co-edited the Measuring Success? Click the banner in the sidebar or follow this link to see what has been said in the series thus far. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom. A study of research methodology used in evaluations of international scholarship schemes for higher education.

Holdsworth was a name to be known, founded in by W.F. “Sandy” Holdsworth in Kent, it rapidly expanded into a multi-shop enterprise. By ‘s & 70’s, the main stores and factory were in London. Holdsworth bought the Claud Butler brand name in They bought the Freddie Grubb name around after Grubb had died.

Aug 24, – F. Evans Special F W Evans was an editor of Cycling magazine for a couple of years in the very early 20s before he started his first bike shop in in Westminster Bridge Road, London. Very similar to Granby, as recently done research by David Hinds of the Veteran Cycle-Club point out, Evans issued a bicycle desing with his 24 page booklet that explains this new lightweight design low bottom bracket, brazed up straight and tapered rear stays, 26in wheels and compact frame size and why it was superior to the old style.

According to those research Granby started building bicycles this way back in and Evans was the first who published those details and stocked bikes in the new design from builders such as James. Summing things up F. Hilary Stones mentioned that Evans build only in very little numbers; therefore the total of F. Evans frames, tourers and lightweights is estimated to about frames during the whole period of the s. The frame shown was sold with notice that it was dated back to but due to the fact that F.

Evans died in already the frame must be an earlier build. Combination of Major Taylor stem, headset with headclip and oiler, two oilers on BB and the fact that between and hardly none lightweight but more likely transportation vehicles and bikes would have been build in UK, I would date it back to making it a pre war lightweight. Any and further help in dating this frame is highly appreciated. Nevertheless this frame might be a good basis for my first renovation using a Sturmey Archer geared rear hub.

But this one with its rear spacing of mm only is.

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Of all the Italian brands desired by bicycle aficionados, vintage Masis turn up high or even highest on the list. His competitive experience helped Masi intuit what other racers wanted in their ideal bike while fueling his own desire for perfection among other builders. Although Masis were ridden by these legends, contractual obligations kept some from putting Masi transfers on their frames. For example, Fausto Coppi was contracted with Bianchi, yet the frame he rode was actually a Masi.

Holdsworth Zephyr Road Path Model; PREMIER FRAME NUMBER DATING. BEESTON HUMBER FRAME NUMBER DATING. ELSWICK HOPPER FRAME NUMBER DATING. SINGER. The following dated bicycle frame numbers from the Singer Car Club (not guaranteed): –

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

Has there been too much?

Claud Butler

Share this article Share However, Mrs Holdsworth is unable to change her international Russian passport because she has to go to Siberia to change her internal Russian passport first. But she cannot do this, because – having got her internal passport changed in her home city of Novosibirsk – she wouldn’t have a UK passport to get her back to Britain. Now, the Home Office will issue the certificate of right of abode for her Russian passport, which will allow her to go in and out of Britain without restriction.

The couple are now going to be able to visit Mrs Holdsworth’s parents Vladimir, 68, and Tatyana Knol pictured , 69, in Russia — after appealing to the Home Office for help He said: That means that she will still be stuck in Russia with no means of return.

Apr 20,  · Frame Numbers Holdsworth frame numbering from the early post-war years is a quite simple sequential mumbering system; frames numbers ran from about in .

Frank Bowden, a successful lawyer and convert to cycling, bought the firm in and in December founded The Raleigh Cycle Company as a limited liability private company. In , Sturmey-Archer gears were added to the product range. Six years later, Bowden bought back Raleigh, which was to remain in family hands for the next quarter century. By the early s, Raleigh was a world leader, capable of producing annually , cycles, , hub gears 15, motorcycles and 50, motorcycle gearboxes.

Raleigh survived the Great Depression well. It acquired Humber cycles in and the following year started producing a three-wheeler car. By , its production of bicycles had grown to nearly , units per annum and the company had stopped making motorcycles and cars. During the Second World War , Raleigh concentrated on munitions work.

Holdsworth Racing Bike